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A selection of other fruits which may be grown in the garden. Some may require winter protection in a conservatory or greenhouse.

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Soft Fruit & Vines: Other fruits,
Ugni molinae. Member of Myrtle family. Delicious mahogany red fruits. Ideal for fruit salads. Perfumed flowers and attractive, evergreen foliage.
A favourite of Queen Victoria.
Hardy to -10°C. Good for growing in containers. Protect in winter.
£8.50/1 litre; £12.50/2 litre
Soft Fruit & Vines: Other fruits,
Aronia melanocarpa var. Viking. Attractive white Spring flowers and good Autumn colours. Large, dark, round fruits which can be eaten off the bush or used for preserves.
Net against birds. Self-fertile.
Not Available 2019
Soft Fruit & Vines: Other fruits,
Small shrub-like bush from Siberia. Creamy white flowers in early Spring produce sweet blue fruits with a mildly honeyed flavour similar to blueberries, high in antioxidants. Can be eaten fresh or in jams, pies or sauces.
Very hardy, drought resistant and easy to grow. Harvest from mid Summer. Two plants required for adequate pollination. Up to 1m.
Not Available 2019
Soft Fruit & Vines: Other fruits,
Dwarf hop for brewing with golden foliage of ornamental value.
Perennial climber. Grow in a moisture retentive soil in full sun or part shade for best colouring. 2.5m.
£9.50/2 litre
Soft Fruit & Vines: Other fruits,
A good new variety of a dwarf brewing hop which is also a decorative garden plant.
Perennial climber. 2.5 m.
£9.50/2 litre
Soft Fruit & Vines: Other fruits,
Thornless blackcurrant/gooseberry hybrid. Mellow flavour when fully ripened. High levels of Vitamin C.
Vigorous. Resistant to mildew and big bud. Net against birds. July.
Sold out for this season
Soft Fruit & Vines: Other fruits,
Olea Europaea.
Good decorative tree for growing in containers in southern UK. May need winter protection.
Not Available 2019
Soft Fruit & Vines: Other fruits,
Feijoa Sellowiana. Bushy, evergreen shrub with reddish green fruits following a hot Summer. Aromatic with pineapple/strawberry taste.
Best grown in containers under glass and moved outdoors for the Summer, or as a wall shrub in milder locations.
Hardy to -10ºC
Not Available 2019
Soft Fruit & Vines: Other fruits,
Rubus phoenicolasius. Good crops of small orange-red raspberry-like fruits with a sweet taste. Attractive in fruit salads.
Decorative garden plant with prickly, arching stems to 2m. Best grown with support. Attractive reddish winter stems.
Sold out for this season
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