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Species roses


Species roses include the wild roses or their hybrids and make good garden shrubs, particularly within a natural planting context.  Adaptable to many types of soil and aspect, the species roses enhance the autumn garden with a display of hips, which are also attractive to wildlife.


Pruning during the dormant season is generally limited to removing old and diseased wood to stimulate fresh basal shoots. Species roses require little maintenance but generous mulching will be of benefit.

Species roses
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Roses: Species roses, (Geschwind 1894)
CALIFORNICA PLENA (Geschwind 1894)
Californica Plena is a very fine species shrub rose with semi double deep pink flowers on long arching branches.
Summer flowering only.
Strong fragrance.
Dense bush which is hardy and produces vigorous growth to 1.8m x 2.5m.
Roses: Species roses,
Double form of the Sweet Briar with aromatic foliage and deep cherry red flowers followed by a sparse covering of dull red hips.
Slightly fragrant.
A tough, reliable and hardy species rose for growing on a variety of soils. 1.2m x 1m.
Roses: Species roses, (Wisley 1938)
Moyesii Geranium has a striking form with single red flowers and huge 'sealing wax' coloured red hips. Good for woodland gardens and part shade.
One of the best species rose forms for the garden but does require space to develop its shape
2.8m x 2.1m
Roses: Species roses, (Antrim 1921)
Beautiful form of the Burnet rose.
Lilac-grey buds open to double, plum coloured flowers followed by small dark hips. Very tough and thrifty even on the poorest soils.
Pimpinellifolia forms dense hummock shaped bushes to 1m.
Early flowering May - June.
An ideal species rose for windy exposed sites with free draining soils.
Roses: Species roses, (China 1914)
The Threepenny Bit Rose. A charming shrub with fern-like leaves turning to purple and crimson in the Autumn. Notable for its numerous orange red hips. Small lilac pink flowers.
Good for growing in partial shade. 1.5m x 1.5m.
Roses: Species roses, (Warburg 1920)
Outstanding hybrid of Rosa Hugonis. Large single creamy yellow flowers festoon the branches. Fern-like foliage.
Summer flowering. Useful upright shrub for growing in woodland gardens and poorer soils. 2.1m x 1.5m.
Roses: Species roses, 1910
Incense Rose'. Earliest rose to flower in UK. Delightful single soft yellow flowers on arching branches. Scented foliage.
Strong Autumn colour.
1.5m x 1.2m.
Roses: Species roses, (Lee pre 1836)
(Pimpinellifolia). Small prickly shrub of arching growth producing medium sized quartered blush pink flowers all through the Summer. Strongly scented.
Good for poorer soils.
1.5m x 1.5m.
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