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Rambling roses


Rambling roses generally have many smaller flowers held in large trusses often cascading.  They produce a concentrated display in midsummer with a few notable exceptions which repeat flower. Ramblers are tough and robust, and they can cope with a variety of soils and locations and can be used for creating a less formal effect by growing on walls, over garden structures and through trees.  Many rambling roses produce a crop of small hips late in the year to provide additional interest.


Pruning: Ramblers require little pruning other than to remove some older wood from the base which will help to thin out the canopy and generate fresh vigorous new growth from ground level.  Feed and mulch as for climbing roses.

Rambling roses
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Roses: Rambling roses, (Jacques 1826)
ADELAIDE D' ORLEANS (Jacques 1826)
Adelaide d' Orleans is a refined rambling rose with semi-double blush white blooms in great profusion.
Primrose-like fragrance.
This rambler has pliable stems and is easy to train. Good for growing over structures. Summer flowering. 4.5m x 3m.

Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Rambling roses, (Barbier 1860)
ALBERIC BARBIER (Barbier 1860)
Alberic Barbier has shapely, semi double creamy white flowers flushed lemon yellow on pliable stems. Healthy and largely evergreen foliage.
A rambling rose suitable for north walls.
5m x 3m.

Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Rambling roses, (Turner 1912)
ETHEL (Turner 1912)
Wichuriana rambler. Large clusters mauve-pink flowers on vigorous but pliable stems. Good foliage and scent.
Summer flowering rose. Useful as a more containable alternative to Paul's Himalayan Musk. 5.4m x 3.6m.
Roses: Rambling roses, (Turbat 1916)
A virtually thornless multiflora type rambler ideal for smaller spaces. Large clusters of small double orange and yellow blooms. An excellent little known rambling rose variety that deserves to be more widely planted.
Ghislaine de Feligonde has good healthy, glossy light green foliage. Repeat flowering. 3m.
Roses: Rambling roses, (Kordes 1952)
LEVERKUSEN (Kordes 1952)
Leverkusen is a semi-double rambler with lemon-yellow flowers which are sweetly scented. This rambling rose continues to bloom all summer. Attractive glossy foliage and very healthy.
Hardy rambler; suitable for north walls and difficult spots.
3m x 2.4m.
Roses: Rambling roses, (Warner 1994)
LITTLE RAMBLER (Warner 1994)
Little Rambler has small double flowers of light pink that will fade with age. Sweet fragrance.
Good repeat flowering rambler with excellent disease resistance.
2.5m x 1.8m.
Roses: Rambling roses, (Rumwood 1999)
MAID OF KENT (Rumwood 1999)
Small soft pink flowers are produced with abundance right through the summer. Slight fragrance.
Maid of Kent is a very disease resistant rambler and an easy rose variety to train over structures with pliable stems.

Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Rambling roses, (Manda 1848)
MAY QUEEN (Manda 1848)
Sprays of double, quartered lilac-pink flowers with good fragrance. Few rambling roses create such a full display of flower. May Queen produces a bushy growth and flowers in the Summer.
This rambling rose grows happily on north and east facing walls. 4.5m x 3m.

Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Rambling roses, (Dairy Hill Nurseries, Ireland c. 1883)
NARROW WATER (Dairy Hill Nurseries, Ireland c. 1883)
Smallish rambling rose with dark foliage and large clusters of semi-double lilac-pink flowers with a good scent. A charmer.
Repeat flowering late into the Autumn.
2.5m x 1.8m.
Roses: Rambling roses, (Barbier 1901)
PAUL TRANSON (Barbier 1901)
Wichuriana rambler. Large quartered flowers in rich salmon with coppery overtones. Good fragrance.
Mainly Summer flowering rose with some blooms later in the season. Good glossy foliage and a useful rose for training. 3m x 2.4m.
Roses: Rambling roses, (Paul 1916)
Huge clusters of small double lilac pink blooms. A highly scented rambler, Paul's Himalayan Musk is a magnificent sight when in full flower.
A very vigorous rambling rose.
Suitable for growing through trees.
Summer flowering.
9m +

Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Rambling roses, (Mehring 2003)
PERENNIAL BLUE (Mehring 2003)
Clusters of small semi double magenta cupped blooms. Light musky scent.
Long flowering season. Good healthy foliage. A very hardy rose and suitable for shade or sun. 3m x 2m.
Roses: Rambling roses, (Mehring 2006)
PERENNIAL BLUSH (Mehring 2006)
A new rambler with large sprays of blush pink-white semi-double flowers. Sweetish fragrance.
Perennial Blush is similar to Blush Noisette but more floriferous, generally more vigorous and with greater continuity of flower. Will grow on north facing walls. 3m.
Roses: Rambling roses, (Bide 1923)
PHYLLIS BIDE (Bide 1923)
Sprays of small yellow flowers flushed with salmon-pink. Pleasant fragrance. One of the genuine repeat, free flowering ramblers.
3m x 1.8m.

Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Rambling roses, (Daisy Hill Nurseries 1912)
RAMBLING RECTOR (Daisy Hill Nurseries 1912)
Multiflora type rambling rose with small semi-double creamy white flowers on open sprays. Highly fragrant. Small orange hips.
Midsummer flowering rose. Forms a dense impenetrable bush if grown as a shrub.
6m x 4m.

Roses: Rambling roses, (Horner 2005)
RAMBLING ROSIE (Horner 2005)
Bright red rambling rose - continuous flowering with exceptional disease resistance. Small, single blooms produced in large sprays.
Roses: Rambling roses, (Schmidt 1869)
VEILCHENBLAU (Schmidt 1869)
Bunches of small dark magenta flowers fading to lilac streaked with white.
Pliable thornless stems.
Fruity fragrance.
Shade tolerant rambling rose - suitable for a north facing site.
Not Available 2015/16
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