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Modern shrub roses


This group of Modern Shrub roses includes a diverse range of shrubs which are at home in mixed borders. The overall effect of Modern Shrub roses is one of less formal growth compared to the more restrained habit of the bush varieties. Strong, robust and often recurrent flowering, there are few shrub roses that produce so much colour throughout the summer. Breeders of Modern Shrub roses have focused on introducing disease resistance together with scent and continuity of flowering, making them ideal for most gardens.


Pruning and care: Adequate feeding and mulching is crucial to maximise flowering potential of the Modern Shrub rose while pruning is generally limited to thinning out weak growth and cutting back the season’s growth by one third. Much depends on the parentage of the Modern Shrub. Some require less pruning if they are more like a species rose and a more natural shape is desired.

Individually priced
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (James 2009)
EYES FOR YOU (James 2009)
Rosa persica hybrid. This Modern Shrub rose has striking clusters of semi-double lilac-white petals with a dramatic central purple blotch.
Good fragrance.
Repeat flowers.
Suitable for growing in pots or the border.
80 x 80 cm
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Delbard 2001)
GUY SAVOY (Delbard 2001)
Large, loose semi double blooms in rich cerise and pale pink marbled white. Strong fragrance. Good for cutting.
Repeat flowering. Sun lover. Vigorous and disease resistant. Can also be used as a pillar rose or for growing along fences. 1.5m
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Beales 1997)
HORATIO NELSON (Beales 1997)
Fragrant double blooms in an old rose style. Mixture of pink shades with a darker centre. Good foliage.
Repeat flowering. 1.2m x 1.2m.
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Harkness 1989)
JACQUELINE DU PRE (Harkness 1989)
Jacqueline du Pre is a Modern Shrub rose with large open, almost single, blush-white flowers with golden stamens.
Continuous flowering rose. Musky scent.
1.5m x 1.2m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Delbard 2006)
LA ROSE DE MOLINARD (Delbard 2006)
Large deep pink double blooms with an intense perfume.
Healthy foliage.
La Rose de Molinard repeat flowers through the summer.
A very disease resistant rose.
1.4m x 1.2m.
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Delbard 2009)
Clusters of large pale lilac blooms with a strong rose scent.
Excellent disease resistance. Repeat flowering. 1.5m x 1m.
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Henderson 1879)
LITTLE WHITE PET (Henderson 1879)
Continuous flowering sport of Félicité et Perpétue. Delightful clusters of small white pompom flowers on a bushy, neat plant. Light fragrance but a superb little rose. Useful for any garden.
Suitable for containers. Some shade is required.
60 x 60cm.

Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (White 2007)
LOLABELLE (White 2007)
Lolabelle has shapely flowers of buff apricot with a strong tea rose scent.
Mid green bushy foliage.
Continuous flowering. 1.2m x 1.2m.

Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Beales 1998)
Compact shrub with white old rose style blooms sometimes with a hint of blush. Light scent. Good foliage.
Flowers produced continuously throughout Summer. Reasonable disease resistance. Useful patio or container plant. 90 x 90cm.
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Cant 1921)
Eye catching single form of an early Hybrid Tea with clusters of large soft apricot flowers. Light fragrance.
Continuous flowering. Dark green foliage. Can be grown as a small shrub. 90 x 90cm.
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Le Grice 1980)
PEARL DRIFT (Le Grice 1980)
Large semi-double pearly white blooms with golden centres. Free flowering. Good fragrance. Bushy shrub with glossy foliage.
Continuous flowering. 1m x 1m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Delbard 2009)
RAYMOND BLANC (Delbard 2009)
Profusion of double rich pink cupped flowers with an intense fragrance.
Disease resistant and continuous flowering.
1.2m x 80cm.
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Swim 1953)
ROUNDELAY (Swim 1953)
Roundelay is an upright, free flowering shrub rose with fully double, cardinal red flowers held in large trusses.
Good perfume.
1.2m x 0.9m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Kordes 1973)
WESTERLAND (Kordes 1973)
Westerland has sprays of sweetly-scented bronze to salmon-apricot flowers borne on a vigorous, healthy shrub.
Recommended as a pillar rose.
1.8m x 1.2m.
Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Modern shrub roses, (Austin 1984)
WINDRUSH (Austin 1984)
Large semi double flowers of soft yellow with darker stamens. Free flowering. Light spicy musk fragrance.
Will repeat flower if deadheaded otherwise produces large Autumn hips. Strong bushy growth.
1.2m x 1.2m.
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