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A large group of modern roses made up from the Hybrid Teas and Floribundas. The former which can often make excellent cut flowers are valued for their shapely blooms and fragrance. The latter produce massed clusters of flowers in many different shades and their free-flowering nature in beds and borders is unsurpassed. In recent years, international breeders have introduced a whole new generation of roses which are more resistant to disease and consequently far easier to grow.


Pruning is best carried out during late winter once the worst of the weather is past and before active growth begins. Cut back the previous year’s growth by a third and remove any diseased, damaged wood or weak growth. Apply a fertilizer formulated for roses after pruning and again in midsummer after the first flush of flowers. If grown on poorer or free-draining soils, the frequency may need to be increased. Mulch in spring with compost or manure once the soil has begun to warm to retain moisture and reduce disease problems.

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Roses: Bush roses, (Carruth 2009)
Rose of the year 2010.
This fabulous floribunda bush rose has masses of butter yellow, ruffled blooms with a sweet liquorice scent. These are freely produced on a bushy plant with glossy foliage.
Floribunda. Repeat flowers June to October.
Ht. 75 cm.

Not Available 2015/16
Roses: Bush roses, (Kordes 2006)
Pink buds open to creamy white flowers with deeper apricot shades in the centre. A really healthy and reliable rose with good glossy foliage. Profuse flowering throughout the season. Light fragrance.
Rose of the Year 2006
Gold Standard Award
Roses: Bush roses, (Le Grice 1947)
DUSKY MAIDEN (Le Grice 1947)
Simple blooms with velvety dark red petals and a golden centre. A floribunda bush rose of great charm and delicacy.
An early type of floribunda rose.
Ht. 80 cm.
Roses: Bush roses, (Kordes 2011)
JOIE DE VIVRE (Kordes 2011)
Rose Of The Year 2011.
Joie De Vivre has all the attributes of a special rose. This bush rose is a dwarf floribunda with cream, pastel pink blooms and slight scent. Easy to grow, free flowering June to October.
Wonderfully healthy and compact habit.
50 x 40 cm.
Roses: Bush roses, (Dickson 2015)
LILAC WINE (Dickson 2015)
Deep pink to pale lilac semi double flowers in the tradition of Old Roses which show up well against dark, glossy foliage. Healthy variety which blooms repeatedly until the first frosts. Slight fragrance.
Strong, robust growth. Ideally suited for cutting.
Gold Standard Award
1m x 0.6m.
Roses: Bush roses, (Carruthers 2011)
NIGHT OWL (Carruthers 2011)
Eyecatching semi-double velvety purple flowers, held in clusters, with prominent yellow stamens. Light-medium spicy perfume. Flowers repeatedly June-November.
Ideal for mixed borders.
Gold Standard Award
Roses: Bush roses, (Kordes 2006)
Large creamy-white blooms with cupped rosette centres. Light scent. Continuous flowering throughout the season. Bushy, upright habit with mid-green foliage.
Ideal for use in mixed borders.
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