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With the fruits having such a short shelf life, plum trees are well worth growing in the garden or on the allotment to enjoy the fruits at their very best. Early plum varieties can be ready for picking from late July while others follow on in succession until the end of September.


Blossom time occurs early in Spring so choose a sheltered sunny spot, avoiding known frost pockets. Plum trees can be grown as bushes, pyramids or trained as fans. Plums have a preference for moderately fertile soils with adequate reserves of nitrogen, lime and potash.


Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Belgium 1845)
Large red-purple fruit for dessert and culinary use. Firm-textured and sweet with a wonderful flavour when cooked.
Vigorous, strong growing variety. Best on dwarfing rootstock. PSF (3)
SJA - 3 yr. bush
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Bedford 1938) Czar X Green Gage
PLUM BLUE TIT (Bedford 1938) Czar X Green Gage
Medium sized blue-black fruits.
Juicy flesh with an excellent gage-like flavour.
Small compact plum tree producing good crops for eating or culinary use. UK. Mid-Aug. SF (2)
SJA - 3 yr. bush
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Scotland)
Large yellow plums which are sweet and of good flavour but bruise easily.
Hardy plum tree. Suitable for growing in N and W areas. Early Sept. SF (3)

SJA - 1 yr; 3 yr. bush
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Sweden 1970) Czar X Ruth Gerstetter
PLUM HERMAN (Sweden 1970) Czar X Ruth Gerstetter
Very early medium sized blue-black plums with a golden flesh and improved flavour when compared to Czar.
Dual purpose variety.
The plum variety Herman is suitable for northern districts and areas with cooler summers.
Mid-July. SF (2)
SJA - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Sweden 1985) Victoria X Czar
PLUM JUBILEE (Sweden 1985) Victoria X Czar
Excellent quality eating plum with similar characteristics to the Victoria plum, but maturing slightly earlier.
Jubilee is a strong growing plum tree variety.
Mid-Aug. SF (3)

SJA - 1 yr.
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Berkshire 1912)
Large, blue-black fruits with greenish-yellow flesh. Sweet and of good flavour when fully ripe. Dessert and culinary use.
A late fruiting plum.
Strong growing vigorous tree.
UK. Mid-late Sept. SF (5)
Sold out for this season.
SJA - 1 yr, 2 yr. bush
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (France 2008) Opal X Ontario
PLUM MERITARE (France 2008) Opal X Ontario
A new early purple plum. Similar in appearance and flavour to Victoria but with larger fruits.
Hardy and suitable for growing in colder districts. Late July. (3)
Not Available this season
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Sweden 1923) Ouillins Green Gage X Early Favourite
PLUM OPAL (Sweden 1923) Ouillins Green Gage X Early Favourite
Medium sized juicy, red-purple fruits. Firm, pale gold flesh of excellent flavour. Sometimes known as Early Victoria.
Reliable plum tree for the garden.
Late July. SF (3)
SJA - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Bristol 1938) Coe's Giant Drop X Giant Prune
PLUM THAMES CROSS (Bristol 1938) Coe's Giant Drop X Giant Prune
Large juicy, sweet, yellow plum with good flavour.
Excellent variety for jam-making.
Strong growing plum tree which thrives in W areas.
Early Sept.
PSF (3)

Not Available this season
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Sussex 19th century)
PLUM VICTORIA (Sussex 19th century)
Good crops of medium-large, red fruits with a distinctive flavour.
All purpose plum and still the most popular variety.
Despite tendency to disease, the Victoria plum is useful for growing all areas especially on clay or acid soils.
Blossom shows some frost tolerance.
Late Aug. SF (3)
SJA - 3 yr.
Fruit Trees: Plum trees, (Warwickshire pre 1920)
PLUM WARWICKSHIRE DROOPER (Warwickshire pre 1920)
Medium-large yellow fruits with golden yellow flesh.
Good dessert quality but also an excellent cooking plum.
Large vigorous weeping tree.
A hardy plum tree with regular crops. UK. Mid-Aug. SF (2)

Not Available this season
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