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Pear trees


Devotees of pears place this fruit above all others for its sweet, aromatic succulence when perfectly ripe. Home grown pears enable gardeners to enjoy them at their very best.


Dessert pears prefer rich, well-drained soil and plenty of warmth and are therefore suited to growing in prime spots. Dual purpose pear types will tolerate open sites or more exposed conditions. Pears are adapted to growing as bushes, pyramids or trained forms and will withstand harder pruning to form fruiting spurs.

Fruit Trees: Pear trees, (Kent 1938) Beurre Superfin X Williams
PEAR BETH (Kent 1938) Beurre Superfin X Williams
Pale yellow, small-medium fruits with white flesh. Juicy, sweet and excellent flavour.
A first rate garden pear tree of moderate vigour. Spurs freely.
Pear Beth produces regular crops. Suitable all areas UK.
Early Sept. (3)
QA - 3 yr; QC - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Pear trees, (Kent 1977)Conference X Comice
PEAR CONCORDE (Kent 1977)Conference X Comice
Concorde has medium-large pale green fruits with yellow melting flesh which is juicy, good quality and pleasant flavour.
Concorde is a heavy cropping pear tree and is compact in growth. One of the mainstays for commercial organic orchards. Nov. SF (4)

QA - 3 yr; QC - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Pear trees, (Herts. 19th C)
The Conference pear has medium-large greenish-yellow fruits with pink-tinged flesh. A distinctive sweet flavour and smooth texture. Still one of most popular and versatile varieties.
From an early age the Conference pear is a regular and heavy cropping tree . Hardy. Good pollinator.
UK. Nov.
PSF (3)
QA - 2 yr. bush
Fruit Trees: Pear trees, (Ukraine)
Unusual green, pink and yellow striped fruits which give a highly decorative effect. For dessert or culinary use.
Known as the Easter Pear as it stores well through the winter. Even the young wood appears striped in winter. Hardy. Disease resistant.
Feb. (3)
QA - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Pear trees, syn. DELWINOR FERTILIA
New dual purpose pear tree variety with large fruits.
As the name suggests 'Invincible' is suitable for exposed locations. A tough and hardy pear tree. Will set a crop most years. Good pollinator.
SF (2)
QA - 1 yr.
Fruit Trees: Pear trees, (USA 1960)
Medium-large yellow fruits with pink tinged flesh. Similar to Pear Williams but with better flavour and smoother texture.
Moonglow is a vigorous pear tree. Crops well from a young age. Seedling of Comice.
Sept. (3)

Not Available this season
Fruit Trees: Pear trees, (Surrey 1947) Laxton's Superb X Comice
PEAR ONWARD (Surrey 1947) Laxton's Superb X Comice
Large yellow-green fruit sometimes with a pinkish flush. Creamy white flesh which is sweet, juicy and of superb flavour. Excellent quality pear.
Recommended garden pear tree. Generally heavy cropping and with some resistance to light frost.
Early Oct. (4)
QC - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Pear trees, (Belgium 19th C)
Winter Nellis has small dull greenish-yellow fruits with brown russet. Sweet, juicy flesh with delicate perfume.
Good late variety with some frost resistance. Jan. (4)

QA - 2 yr.
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