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The European Mirabelle is hardy and reliable with abundant crops of small,  sweetish plums with an aromatic flavour.   The particular cultivars we offer have fruits which are larger in size and have been bred  for dessert quality and culinary use. 


Mirabelles are partially self fertile and require cross pollination with another variety or early flowering plums.

Fruit Trees: Mirabelles,
Large bright red fruits with sweet orange flesh.
Spreading growth. Late Aug. PSF (1)
Sold out for this season.
St Julien - 1 yr, 2 yr. bush
Fruit Trees: Mirabelles,
Very hardy variety bred in the Ukraine. Large dark red fruits with deep red flesh and sweet, juicy, peach-like flavour.
Upright growing in contrast to more common spreading form. Can be eaten fresh or used for processing.
Late Aug. PSF (1)
Sold out for this season.
St Julien - 2 yr. bush
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