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Single, large, white flowers in Spring, together with an attractive contorted shape, make the medlar a highly ornamental tree for the garden.  Leathery green foliage turns to shades of  yellow and russet for a fine Autumn display. The large fruits, like distorted rose hips, are picked in October/November.  They are then left to soften and mellow (blet). 


Medlars may be eaten raw or baked or, more commonly, made into a jelly to accompany meat and game. Plant in an open sunny spot for best crops.  Hardy.

1 yr: £15.50
2 yr: £19.50
Fruit Trees: Medlars,
Large white flowers precede fruits. Medlar Nottingham is an attractive small tree with a semi weeping shape.
Good Autumn colour.
Harvest fruits from late Oct.
Disease resistant Medlar tree for all areas UK. SF
Sold out for this season.
1 yr; 3 yr. half standard
Fruit Trees: Medlars,
Slightly smaller tree with a more upright habit. Fruits have a better flavour for eating fresh.
An easy tree for all areas.
Harvest fruits from late Oct. SF
Not Available 2019
Fruit Trees: Medlars,
A hardy variety. Upright in growth with the bonus of seedless fruits.
Crops best in an open site with good levels of sunshine. Oct. SF
12 litre: £25.50
12 litre
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