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Despite their association with warmer climates, figs will fruit successfully in many areas of the UK if provided with a sheltered sunny site (S/SW aspect). Figs are strong growing and will easily cover up to 3.5 metres of wall or fence when trained as a fan.  Alternatively, figs adapt well to growing in containers and will make an attractive feature in the garden.  Even if planted in the ground, all fig trees benefit from root restriction, either with a traditional pit construction or the use of root control bags to limit growth and ensure good cropping.

Fruit Trees: Fig trees,
Large brown fruits with red flesh and a rich, sweet flavour. Crops reliably and consistently. More compact tree than some other fig varieties.
One of the hardiest outdoor figs. UK.
Can be grown satisfactorily in cooler N and W.
Mid Aug.
Fruit Trees: Fig trees,
Small greenish-yellow fruits with a sweet flavour.
Heavily serrated leaves similar in shape to ice crystals.
Fig Ice Crystal is a very decorative garden plant.
Mainly grown as an ornamental variety. Very hardy.
Late Aug.
Not Available this season
Fruit Trees: Fig trees,
Large purple-red fruits with strawberry red flesh.
Best suited for indoor growing.
Late Aug.
Not Available this season
Fruit Trees: Fig trees,
Fig Kadota has medium sized pale greenish-yellow fruits with sweet translucent flesh. Large waxy leaves.
This fig tree is suitable for growing indoors or against a warm south wall. Early Sept.
Not Available this season
Fruit Trees: Fig trees,
Gourmet variety. Medium sized fruits with purple skin and succulent strawberry flesh. Flavour is excellent - rich and deep.
One of the best varieties for greenhouse growing or warm walls in southern areas UK. Season Aug-Sept. SF
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