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Damsons (Prunus Damascena) have been cultivated in England for many centuries and with their rich, astringent flavour make a versatile culinary fruit, ideal for cordials, wines and preserves.  Some varieties such as Blue Violet, Delma and Merryweather are sweet enough to eat as a dessert fruit.  Often to be found in hedgerows and field margins, damsons are an intrinsic part of our heritage.


Damsons supplied by Carrob Growers are grown on St Julien A or Pixy rootstocks.

1 yr: £15.00
2 yr: £18.00
Fruit Trees: Damson trees,
Damson Abergwyngregyn is a Welsh variety rescued from single ancient tree on the edge of the Menai Straits. Sizeable dark-purple fruits of excellent flavour.
Tree of medium vigour, hardy and disease free. Pick mid-late Sept. SF (3)
Not Available 2018
Fruit Trees: Damson trees, (Kendal 1932)
Damson Blue Violet produces oval shaped blue-black fruits which are plum-like and with a sweet dessert flavour.
Blue Violet is a traditional regional variety for early harvesting mid Aug.
SF (3)
Not Available 2018
Fruit Trees: Damson trees, (Notts. 1880) syn. Bradley's King
DAMSON KING OF THE DAMSONS (Notts. 1880) syn. Bradley's King
King of the Damsons produces large, purplish fruits with a slight dry but sweetish flesh.
Good crops from a strong, upright growing tree. Suitable for all areas.
SF (2)

Not Available 2018
Fruit Trees: Damson trees, (Notts. 1907)
Merryweather has large plum-like damsons for dessert and culinary use.
Damson Merryweather crops consistently.
Moderate vigour. Spreading habit.
Mid-Sept. SF (3)
1 yr: £15.00
St Julien - 1 yr.
Fruit Trees: Damson trees, (Shropshire 17th C)
Damson Shropshire Prune has small-medium blue-black oval damsons with firm flesh and sweet, astringent, rich flavour.
Compact, twiggy tree. Regular but often light crops. Suitable for all areas.
Late Sept.
SF (3)
1 yr: £15.00
St Julien - 1 yr.
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