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Special varieties of Apple trees for gardens and orchards

Crab apple trees


Crab Apples make very decorative garden trees and provide a spectacular display of blossom in the Spring. The colourful crab apple fruits hang on the trees until late in the Autumn. In addition, they are valuable pollinators for many apples, having an extended flowering period.


Our selection includes varieties suitable for making crab apple jelly thanks to their high pectin content.

1 yr: £16.00
2 yr: £21.00
3 yr: £25.00
Fruit Trees: Crab apple trees, (UK)
Dark green-purple leaves. Striking pink-white flowers. Highly decorative tree with upright habit. Long lasting large round crab apples.
Crab Apple Laura makes first class jelly. Naturally dwarf tree suited to small gardens and pot culture. (4)
2 yr: £21.00
MM106 - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Crab apple trees, (UK)
Unusual and interesting tree producing large crabs like a giant rosehip with an attractive calyx. Bright red skin with white flesh produces an amber coloured jelly.
Compact, disease resistant tree (3)
Sold out for this season.
MM106 - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Crab apple trees, (USA)
Butterball has attractive pale pink blossom. Small round rich yellow fruits ideal for making Crab Apple jelly.
Profuse fruiting garden tree. Spreading habit. Disease resistant variety. (4)
Sold out for this season.
MM106 - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Crab apple trees, (UK)
This crab apple has large pink-fleshed ruby red fruits and dark green-maroon leaves. Exceptionally large rich pink flowers.
Harry Baker fruits last well into October and being high in pectin make a deep red crab apple jelly. Generally disease resistant. A very special variety. (4)
1 yr: £16.00
MM106 - 1 yr.
Fruit Trees: Crab apple trees, (New Zealand)
Large orange pink fruits stay on well into Autumn. Profuse striking white blossom in Spring. Exciting new introduction.
Produces a pink jelly. A vigorous but compact variety with excellent disease resistance. (4)
Sold out for this season.
MM106 - 3 yr. half standard
Fruit Trees: Crab apple trees, (Europe)
Small purple fruits remain on tree into early winter and provide an excellent source of food for wildlife. Pink blossom with emerging purple leaves.
Purple green leaves in Summer turning to rich scarlet in Autumn. Small garden all seasons tree. Disease resistant. (4)
Sold out for this season.,
MM106 - 2 yr. bush
Fruit Trees: Crab apple trees, (W China)
Toringoides ' Mandarin ' has scented white flowers which produce small round orange red crab apples - which last until late Autumn.
Small, wide spreading tree with heavily lobed leaves. Good Autumn colour. Disease resistant variety and good garden tree. (4)
3 yr: £25.00
MM106 - 3 yr.
Fruit Trees: Crab apple trees, (China)
Abundant small yellow fruits hold into early Winter. Useful food source for wildlife. Profusion of white star-like blossom in Spring.
Small widespreading tree with delicate lobed leaves. Golden yellow Autumn colour. Disease resistant (4)
3 yr: £25.00
MM106 - 3 yr.
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