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The growing of cherries has been revolutionised in recent years by the introduction of new cherry tree varieties and rootstocks. A number of cherry trees are now self-fertile and the first truly dwarf rootstock Gisela 5 will contain growth to approximately 2.5 metres. Cherry trees also retain their fruit more reliably until ripening in periods of adverse weather. Carrob Growers supply Cherry trees on Colt or Gisela 5 rootstocks.

Fruit Trees: Cherry trees, (Canada 1990)  Van x Newstar
CHERRY CELESTE (Canada 1990) Van x Newstar
Cherry Celeste has large, dark red cherries of very good eating quality.
Naturally dwarf habit. A useful cherry tree for growing in limited space or pots. Early July. SF
Sold out for this season.
Gisela 5 - 2 yr.
Fruit Trees: Cherry trees,
Morello is a cooking cherry par excellence. Morello produces dark red fruits with an intense flavour. For all culinary uses, wine making, cherry brandy.
The Morello cherry is ideal for shady or north walls. Easy to grow.
Pick fruit late July. SF

Not Available this season
Fruit Trees: Cherry trees,
Petite Noir has large heart-shaped fruits, very dark, almost black in colour. Quality fruits of fine flavour.
Naturally dwarf habit. Petite Noir is ideal for growing in limited spaces or as a patio fruit tree in a container.
Early Aug. SF
Not Available this season
Fruit Trees: Cherry trees, (Norwich 1970)
The dark red cherries of Summersun are crisp, juicy and of excellent flavour.
One of the hardiest cherries of dessert quality producing crops in less favourable areas.
Late July. PSF
Sold out for this season.
Gisela 5 - 1 yr.
Fruit Trees: Cherry trees, (Canada 1990) Van x Newstar
CHERRY SWEETHEART (Canada 1990) Van x Newstar
One of best late picking cherry tree varieties. Sweetheart has deep red fruits of good flavour.
Fruits ripen over long period to extend season from Late Aug into Sept.
SF and also useful pollinator for other varieties.

Sold out for this season.
Gisela 5 - 1 yr.
Fruit Trees: Cherry trees,
Not technically a cherry, cornelian cherries are sometimes known as cornels. This is a selection bred from Cornus mas producing good sized cherry-like edible fruits ideal for compotes and jellies and with high nutritional value.
Small yellow flowers appear in Feb.
Spreading cherry bush or small tree of open habit. Striking reddish-purple Autumn colour.
October fruiting.
SF but best planted in pairs/groups.
Not Available this season
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