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In 1994 we bought a smallholding on the Welsh Borders and soon after established an organic fruit growing enterprise licensed by the Soil Association.

A natural progression was to produce and  supply fruit trees and bushes and Robert has been able to draw on his professional training in horticulture, commercial nursery work and private estate gardening to develop the nursery, where we aim to offer  the best of traditional and modern varieties especially those which will thrive in the damper western parts of England and Wales.


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Our approach to growing is holistic and aims to minimise environmental impact by the sustainable use of resources.  On-farm composting of animal manure and green waste provides a source of fertility and completes the growing cycle.   Nursery plants are raised in small batches in peat free composts within a stable ecosystem which we believe produces strong, healthy stock.   Natural plant remedies or biological pest control are used if required while habitat enhancement and diversity are actively managed to encourage a natural balance within the holding.

Subsequently our mutual passion and interest in peonies, roses and woodland plants has led us in new directions enabling us to offer a range of ornamental plants in addition to the specialist range for the fruit garden or orchard.



Caroline and Robert Boyle


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Orders may be placed by email to boyle@carrobgrowers.co.uk or by telephone



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